Monday, November 30, 2009

The Ongoing Saga

I somehow got both the furnace and the refrigerator running -- and just in time for heat as the weather turned even colder. I'm still not sure what the problem was -- I removed the exhaust system and banged on some things, wiggled some electrical leads, and probably for other reasons, the heating system kicked in and stayed lit -- operating normally.

So it's been comfortable in the Airstream. Last night, as I returned from the house, I found that the lights were dim and the blower was laboring. Dying battery! I guess it's not surprising given the draw of the blower motor. (I'm planning to have at least one more battery for boondocking -- so this confirms that plan.)

It was late so I nosed the truck in toward the trailer, hitched up some jumper cables, and got juice flowing so that the heating system and lights worked.

You can guess the rest of the story: this morning, the truck battery was too low to turn the engine over! Fortunately, a quick jump start from my daughter's Jetta got the Ford going, and we've got the trailer battery on a charger. We'll be all set and have new impetus to set up a better system for future boondocking.


Roger said...

I would recommend doing this:

I made one from my 'old' batteries but could not find a ice chest cheap enough to fit them so I used a plastic box. It came in very handy at the balloon fiesta two months ago. It is also VERY heavy.

Good luck.


TravelingOnTheOutskirts said...

I've been told the number one problem with furnaces that haven't been used in a while is spiderwebs. Even the smallest spiderweb will keep it from doing it's job. We had the same problem with ours so I wiggled the vacuum cleaner around in there and then took a can of air and blew it out and presto! it worked. :) Always keep small plug-in heater on hand for those times when you're tired, it's dark, the snow is starting to fall and the damn heater won't work! :D