Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recycling on the Road

The truck and airstream are nearly loaded for our SW trip. As I moved recycling materials to be picked up yesterday, I got thinking more about where our paper, cans, bottles will go while traveling. I know Vermont and New York have recycling at their state campgrounds, but beyond that, I don't have a clue. Anyone got any tips on good ways to recycle on the road?

I know that you can use Google Maps to find recycling centers in the area your in - but driving around with a travel trailer looking for a center is just not going to happen.

Here's some information I found on a Utah state website:

While you're on the road, pack drinks, sandwiches, and snacks in reusable thermoses and containers. If you dine at carry-out restaurants, take only the condiments, napkins, and utensils you need. If you are at a visitors' center, take only the brochures you need and recycle the ones you don't keep. And above all, don't litter-carry your trash or recyclables with you until you find an appropriate waste or recycling container.

So hopefully, we won't have an Airstream filled with paper bags of newspapers and cans when we return to Vermont in six weeks. Recycling options is something I'll start checking more closely as we plan our stops.

Got any ideas for us?

photos by recyclethis

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