Monday, February 14, 2011

Heading Westward

Last year, we stayed here at Falcon State Park for some time and then, because of issues with trailer lights, decided to forego going out to Big Bend National Park. This year, figuring we are this far and may not get here again, we are pressing onward in a few days. We'll go to Amisted National Wildlife Area (Del Rio), stay a couple of days at Seminole Canyon, and then hit Big Bend.

The stay at Falcon has been great. The weather has finally warmed into the 70's and we have enjoyed the birding and the campers. This is quite unique - many folks come here for a month or more - and have done so for years. There is a very active recreation center with many social and education activities. Neither Mary nor I am big on sitting around talking about whatever, but we have gotten to know some of the regulars. We went to a Valentine's ice cream social/ Yankee swap (they had some other name for it), and actually danced a little. The kids think we're losing it.

A highlight of this stay is the puma I saw the other morning while walking the dog - the big cat was just sauntering across the road. I had binoculars but no camera with me.

The night sky here is amazing. There is no air traffic at all - which is too remindfull of the post-9/11 days. We get nothing but Mexican TV and radio but keep current with our iPhones. The campground is very quiet - all I can hear as I write is a coyote. Sounds like a young one trying out his voice. Penny gives a little growl just to let us know she's on top of things.

So we've got some laundry and camper stuff (propane, parts, etc) to do before launching Wednesday morning. Got a couple of birds I'm looking for as well so Penny and I will be out looking for the Say's Phoebe that's supposedly here. Weather up ahead looks great so Wagon's Ho!


JHM Consulting said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Lots of squirrel spotting here - trying to feed birds w/o the little rodents eating everything is quite a challenge! LOVE Jenn

troutbirder said...

Seeing a puma. Wow! There are rumours of them in Minn but I'm skeptical. I'd worry about my dog if they were....

worksology said...

I'm still amazed how obvious and dramatic the lack of sky traffic after 9/11 was, and I'm little surprised that it could be so easily recalled by, eh, not seeing sky traffic for a time.

We're starting into full-time Airstreaming at the end of the month and are headed from our life-long Kansas residency towards Big Bend and Amistad. Been "following" you online for some time, but now it seems we'll literally be following you. Look out!

Take care,

Josh & Jessa Works