Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We Don't Carry Hitchhikers

As we approach departure date (1/13 or 1/14), I'm getting serious about planning the route and possible stops -- looking at a couple of new options in Louisiana before we head over to Texas.  We have gathered a lot of information and it is fun to look over used birding checklists and campground maps -- and to read Mary's diary for the highs and lows of past trips.

Today, I am working on the Airstream a bit -- got the heat on this morning and decided to move it into a better position in the driveway with my Kubota tractor.  Not the brightest idea I've had this week.  After slipping and sliding and making thing worse, I got the truck set up and gee's and haw'd around the icy driveway, getting the trailer positioned for loading.  Our driveway is tough -- steep, little room for turning, with a ditch on one side and ledge outcroppings on the other.  It's one reason we stay with a 25 foot trailer and even then, it's quite a challenge.  I ripped a long pipe holder off the bottom departing last year when I cut a corner too tight.

About half way through the process, after a lot of jostling with the tractor, I spotted a little deer mouse departing from underneath and scurrying across the frozen ground to under the front deck.  "Well," I thought, "one less traveler to take along."  I went on with my business but just as I finished unhitching the truck, another mouse did the same thing. 

So, it's time to set the mouse-traps.  I hope they like Smucker's peanut butter, even if it is low fat.

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