Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hunkerin' Down for a day or two

I had planned our departure for tomorrow, Friday, so that we could hit the Tennessee's Sandhill Crane Festival on Sunday but the winter storm, coming up from the south and also in from the west, has made us delay for a bit.  So, all the sand I lugged in buckets from the town pile and carefully spread on the driveway are buried under four or more inches of new snow with more (snow) on the way.

We had a busy early week with medical appointments and a trip yesterday Burlington to donate Mary's Subaru to the Good News Garage so this hiatus is giving us a chance to pack and check things off more carefully.  It is fun to organize kayak gear while watching the snow fall.

The back side of the storm is going to have some stiff winds and very cold temperatures so I expect that the first several nights in the Airstream are going to be a bit challenging.  First to plow out, sand, and get the rig down the driveway.  Probably Saturday but we'll keep a weather eye out.

It was nice to have a nice wood stove fire going last night and watch Syracuse demolish Villanova on the big screen TV.  I'll miss that on the road -- but the sleet, snow, and chill -- not!

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