Friday, January 13, 2012

Ready To Go

Today has been a real work day, starting with plowing the driveway with the Kubota and then shoveling sand -- it's a long driveway when you are lugging pails of sand.  Then, going up to the Town garage to refill the buckets for tomorrow.

I worked on loading the truck with bikes, kayak, solar panel, and an assortment of books so that I can run Vitesse Press while on the road.  Meanwhile, Mary made dozens of trips from the house to the Airstream and got clothing and food in place.

Then I hooked up the rig and with some maneuvering, I got it around the ledge outcrop (which I hit last year while leaving) and straightened out so that I could back it up to the garage for final loads.

We'll see what the morning brings -- more snow is forecast and it's going to be frigid and windy.  Both Mary and I remarked that this preparation was tougher than the last couple of years -- we're pretty tired but planning to launch early dark thirty.


Shawn said...

Safe travels dear friends. We'll miss you.

Claude said...

Look forward to following your adventures. May each day bring a new joy!