Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Penny's Operation

I dropped Penny off this morning for the operation to remove the lump from her hind leg. Going there, I mentioned to Mary as we traversed a school zone in busy Rockport, "Boy, these sneak up on you - and people really adhere to the speed limit - must be tough enforcement."
I dropped Mary at the Laundromat and returned to leave off Penny when, "Oh, crap, the school zone" and I hit the brakes just as I saw the two cop cars moving. I pulled over, had my paperwork out, and as the young officer came up, Penny greeted him with a lick. After a long wait as he ran the computer check, he came back with a written warning. So, the day started out ok after all.
We got a call at lunch from the vet's office saying that Penny was resting fine and I could pick her up at four, which I did. After lifting the groggy 55 pound Vizsla into the truck, we traveled back to Goose Island where I carried her into the trailer.

The biopsy will take a week or so but we'll see the vet Saturday to change the bandage and check things out. Stitches come out in two weeks and right now, we don't have a slot here after next week. Weekends fill up and all reservations are taken but we'll figure out something.
Penny is sleeping beside me on the couch as I write and is quite tuckered out. The trick will be as she heals because she can walk but can't run for two weeks. We are glad to have her home.

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