Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Pause For Penny Repairs

I've been pecking away at Airstream fixes the last week, just finishing the repair of the rock screen that we nearly lost in Houston (after ordering a couple of small parts from Out-of-Doors Mart, a wonderful Airstream outfit in North Carolina which handles $10 orders as fast as major purchases). I've got a new plug for the electrical system and need to wait for a dry day to install it.

Meanwhile, a lump on our dog's left hind leg is getting pretty ugly, as she "works" it. We noticed it last Fall during an annual exam and did bloodwork at the time - and when the results were OK, decided to wait and see. But, things have gotten worse and while she doesn't favor it while running, it needs attention.

And we are 2,000 miles from our vet. So, I did a search and started calling. The first clinic was not accepting new patients but the next was, and I took her into Rockport to the Bay Breeze Animal Clinic where Dr. Kim Harrell and staff checked her out. I was pleased with their professionalism and care - and Penny is on antibiotics in preparation for surgery next Tuesday.

Of course, we were planning to leave next Wednesday but I jumped on line before the appointment and snagged the last camping spot available. So we won't have to move and will stay another week to see how things go. Not the worst place to be stranded in February. We are getting some more needed rain but forecasts for next week look in the 70's.

I look forward to dealing with this. I don't look forward to living in a 25' tin can with a Vizsla who can't run for two weeks. Of course, some might say that she's a little too much like me. Moi?


Lisa said...

Prayers for Penny and for the rest of you in the tin can!
Much Love,
Lisa, Scott and all the rest.....

JHM Consulting said...

Get well soon Ms. Penny. XOXO