Saturday, June 8, 2013

Honda Generator is Handy

For three years, we have tried to use a solar panel to charge our Airstream's battery with mixed results. There's too much shade and too many trees here in New England, especially in Vermont state parks where there are no hookups, period. So I bought a Honda 2000i and tested it out here at home and then took it with us to Ricker Pond SP last Sunday. It worked like a charm - it's easy to see why they are so popular.

We found it to be quiet while just charging the battery and a liitle noisier when making coffee. Toasting bread was louder but short-lived. I baked some Johnnycake in our small toaster oven and the noise was annoying - although not to others since we had no nearby neighbors. The bread was good, though. We'd only use the heavier demand tasks when all by ourselves, or when our neighbors' generator is loud.

At about 50 pounds, it's easy to load in the truck. We know that we can't run A/C without another linked unit but we rarely have used air conditioning in our travels. The initial reaction is very positive- probably should have done it before. It is nice not to have to worry about battery drain. Now if I can just keep ethanol from screwing it up. Happy Trails.


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troutbirder said...

Mnnnn. A food for thought here. Battery problems drive me nuts when were doing National Forest Campgrounds in the West...