Friday, June 7, 2013

Ricker Pond State Park

After the exciting arrival I detailed previously, we had a couple of easy-going days at quiet Ricker Pond State Park.  The kids are still in school and this park, because it is mainly lean-to and tent sites, tends to draw a quieter crowd.  The shakedown went well except that the hot water heater quit the last day after running fine.  Better to find out here than in West Texas.  Here are some shots that I took during our stay:
Patches of Bunchberry were all along the roadways. 
There are about a dozen private camps on the pond -- most of them quite old and modest.  They do have electricity and satellite TV.  Many can only be reached by boat or winding footpath.

The large rock blocked off a road from vehicles.  It was not cut -- it is naturally like this. 
A Pink Lady's Slipper tucked in along the trail.

The state campground is tucked into the trees along the western edge of the pond.  Here are a few lean-tos with one, with the red canopy, in use.

Ricker Pond (95 acres) is located in the central portion of Groton State Forest along VT Route 232 just south of Lake Groton.

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